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The Party Animal Reviews

Reviewed By: Jeremy Wheeler

As far as sex comedies go, 1983's Party Animal has it all -- sex, laughs and plenty of sexy '80s glitz. Despite its main protagonist being a hedonistic hornball with little to no redeeming values, the flick still succeeds, thanks to plenty of surreal sight gags and a slamming soundtrack. Featuring choice cuts from the Buzzcocks, early R.E.M., the Fleshtones, and the Untouchables (among many others), Party Animal surprises the viewer with each musical cue and gives it an edge that sets it apart from its kin from that era. Classic moments include an off-the-wall scene with an oversized rocket sex toy, while the punk party clip features the cool nerd ingesting some of the most ludicrous amounts of drugs ever seen in a teen comedy (including coke lines cut from a butcher knife). The movie also gets points for the weird ambiguity attached to the Devil character that bookends the flick as well as an out-of-nowhere finale that puts a surreal touch to such a genre piece as this. With dialogue that nails at least a half dozen delicious memorable quotes, Party Animal cements itself in the pantheon of early '80s sex comedies and proves to be a forgotten gem for those that like shameless T&A flicks with a heavy party attitude.