The Newton Boys

As much a paean to roughhousing boys as to the myth of the West, this wholesome, fact-based story of wholesome bank-robbing and gentleman gangsters really wants to be liked. The spawn of a long line of dirt farmers and cotton-pickers, unjustly incarcerated Willis Newton (Matthew McConaughey) gets sprung from the pen and decides to take up more

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Director (1 Credit)
Writer (3 Credits)
Clark Lee Walker
Claude Stanush
Source (4 Credits)
Claude Stanush
David Middleton
Joe Newton
Willis Newton
Producer (1 Credit)
Anne Walker-McBay
Exec. Producer (1 Credit)
Co-Producer (1 Credit)
Clark Lee Walker
Assoc. Producer (1 Credit)
Keith Fletcher
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Editor (1 Credit)
Sandra Adair
Musical Composer (2 Credits)
Bad Livers
Edward D. Barnes
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Art Director (1 Credit)
Set Decorator (1 Credit)
Jeanette Scott
Costumes (1 Credit)
Shelley Komarov
Casting (1 Credit)
Special Effects (2 Credits)
Matte World
John McLeod
Sound (1 Credit)
John Patrick Pritchett
Make Up (1 Credit)
Patty York
Stunts (1 Credit)