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The Monster of Piedras Blancas Reviews

With thoughts of the popularity of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON creeping about in the backs of their minds, the producers of this film came up with a similar monster, part man and part crustacean, which was played by producer Jack Kevan in a monster suit. The plot concerns a superstitious lighthouse keeper named Sturges (John Harmon), who leaves food for the beast--which is said to live in a nearby cave--as an appeasement. Although most of the other inhabitants of the area think he's crazy, Sturges worries that the monster might go after his beautiful teenage daughter (Jeanne Carmen). When a couple of fisherman turn up on the beach with their heads torn off (the creature lives off blood), the locals finally sit up and take notice. A distinctly subpar effort, THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS' only item of interest is the monster suit, which has a face like a wild boar, the body of a lobster, and hands stolen from the costumes of THE MOLE PEOPLE (1956). Back in 1959, this film won the Shock Award of the Year from Monster Magazine.