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The Man From the Diner's Club Reviews

Kaye is a clerk at the Diners' Club offices who inadvertently approves an application for gangster Savalas. He tries to correct his mistake by paying Savalas a visit at the health club which Savalas uses as a front. It is then that the mobster notices a physical characteristic that he shares with Kaye--two different size feet. Savalas hits on the idea of burning down the health club with Kaye inside in the hope that the police would mistake Kaye's charred remains as his own. Savalas prepares his scheme and then makes for the airport, but Kaye escapes. The finale has Savalas captured after Kaye creates a traffic jam. A sub-standard film for Tashlin, but still better than most comedies of the period. Scriptwriter Bill Blatty later became William Peter Blatty and published the novel The Exorcist, which was funny in its own way. Cast as the first Beatnik is Dean Stanton, the fine character actor who is perhaps better known as Harry Dean Stanton.