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The Lion and the Horse Reviews

This simpleminded story had one good thing going for it: it was the first film released with Warner Brothers' new process WarnerColor. The backgrounds are wonderful and scenery is used well. Too bad it had this story stuck onto it. Cochran is a cowboy who tracks down a wild horse with the rather unoriginal name of Wildfire. The horse is sold to bad guy Teal's rodeo and is maltreated. Wildfire escapes with a circus lion. When the king of beasts starts attacking humans, Wildfire puts a stop to it and is reunited with Cochran. Cochran is OK in his sympathetic role, which cast him against his usual hardboiled type. Lots of action pads out the thin story line, but the direction is mediocre at best. Though this was the first WarnerColor release, CARSON CITY, another western released after it, was the first film shot with the new process.