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The Legacy Reviews

Americans Ross and Elliott, arrive in England and end up staying at a country mansion when their car is forced off the road. After the other guests at the house (Gray, Neil, Daltrey, Montague, and Broome) begin dying in strange ways, the new couple eventually discovers that the victims were members of a Satanic cult and had sold their souls to the Devil. Bedridden millionaire Standing is the leader of the cult and the man who is collecting the debts. It seems, moreover, that Ross is the reincarnation of Standing's mother and predestined to take over the sect upon his death. Elliott, naturally, is a bit upset by the news and takes steps to end this nonsense. This was the feature film debut of director Marquand, who would go on to make such notable pictures as EYE OF THE NEEDLE; RETURN OF THE JEDI; and JAGGED EDGE. Unfortunately, he demonstrates little of that talent in this film, which is dry, dull, and terribly predictable. The gore factor is surprisingly high, however, so fans of Grand Guignol may want to watch the various burnings, drownings, and impalements--especially former Who lead singer Daltrey receiving an impromptu tracheotomy. It fails.