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The Land Before Time Reviews

In THE LAND BEFORE TIME, created under the tutelage of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Don Bluth capitalizes on the renewed interest in dinosaurs among children, setting his tale millions of years ago and creating what has been called a prehistoric BAMBI. An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot (voiced by Gabriel Damon) is forced to make his way through desolation in order to find the Great Valley, which is lush and green but very far away. Joining Littlefoot on his adventure are a feisty baby triceratops named Cera (Candice Houston); a restless, chatty anatosaurus named Ducky (Judith Barsi); a pterodactyl named Petrie (Will Ryan); and a mute, dull-witted stegosaurus named Spike. A gorgeous production from beginning to end, THE LAND BEFORE TIME contains all the essential elements missing from most of Disney's recent efforts. Bluth, a former Disney animator, understands that the greatest Disney films take us on an emotional journey in which all our hopes and fears are played out in a vivid fantasy world where anything can happen. THE LAND BEFORE TIME continues that great tradition.