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The Incredible Shrinking Woman Reviews

Lily Tomlin plays a normal housewife who has a perfume called Sexpot spilled on her accidentally and begins to shrink in this so-so remake of the original classic. The media and consumer manufacturers fall all over themselves trying to exploit the phenomenon, and later fiendish crooks enter the picture. The problem with THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN is that it has no idea what it wants to do: Is it a satire or a farce? While the movie attempts to make a feminist statement, it's generally weak and ineffectual, as are the overdone "big business and media can be bad" themes. The film's stab at camp humor also falls flat. Just the same, don't miss Hollywood's supreme makeup artist, Rick Baker, as a gorilla outfitted in an astonishingly realistic suit of his own design. The film was intended as a project for ANIMAL HOUSE director John Landis, but the studio felt his proposed budget was too expensive. Under the direction of Joel Schumacher (ST. ELMO'S FIRE; THE LOST BOYS), however, the film ended up costing about the same amount.