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The Gnome-Mobile Reviews

Don't be thrown by bad title; here's a gem. Based on a novel by social reformer Upton Sinclair, author of The Jungle, this charming Disney film features Walter Brennan as D.J. Mulrooney, a conservative, elderly timber tycoon who takes his grandchildren (Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice) for a drive in his prized 1930 Rolls Royce. When the trio stops to picnic, they meet Jasper (Tom Lowell), a youthful, tiny gnome, and his 943-year-old ailing grandfather (Brennan again, playing the role as a stereotypical leprechaun, brogue and all). Because he's isolated from other gnomes, Jasper seems fated to be the last of his line, a situation that depresses his grandfather to the point of illness. Enlisting the humans' aid, the gnomes set out in the Rolls Royce to find others of their kind. Highly reminiscent of Disney's DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE, this wonderfully entertaining fantasy, complete with talking animals, is propelled by a terrific dual-role performance from Brennan.