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The Final Conflict Reviews

The third installment in the saga of Damien the Antichrist (see THE OMEN; DAMIEN) sees the Devil's kid grown up and doing well as the head of Thorn Industries. Now played by Sam Neill (who takes the role too seriously), Damien is just about ready to take over the world for his papa. He is disturbed to learn that recently three stars joined in the night sky, so he sends his minions out to kill every baby born on that night. Meanwhile, a rugged monk (Rossano Brazzi) has found those handy daggers (the same ones unsuccessfully used on Damien in OMEN I & II) and drafts six of his bravest brothers to take one dagger each and try to assassinate Damien. The monks are no match for the Antichrist, and they die in a variety of ways. (One slips, falls, hooks his foot in a rope, and swings upside down on a television stage wrapped in burning plastic in full view of the folks at home; another is eaten by a bunch of beagles, etc.) At the same time, all over the world, babies are being killed in an equally sick and disgusting manner (steam irons seem to be the favored method). In the end, the Almighty finally puts an end to Damien and that's that. A dumb end to a dumb series of movies that, in retrospect, play like the paranoid ramblings of a religious fundamentalist who sees unholy anti-Christian conspiracies behind every world event.