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The Enforcer Reviews

Eastwood is at it again as Dirty Harry, a San Francisco cop who enjoys taking the law into his own hands and exposing the corrupt elements of his own police force. He is teamed with Daly, after his regular sidekick Mitchum is stabbed by a pimp turned terrorist. Eastwood at first resents Daly, and their confrontations are tough, but he later falls in love with her. Eastwood and Daly uncover a terrorist organization that has been amassing ammunition and explosives; this group abducts the mayor of San Francisco, Crawford, and holds him for a huge ransom. Eastwood goes undercover, pretending to be a tourist visiting a nude massage parlor, then visiting a black militant headquarters and other unsavory sites of the city to turn up evidence leading to the terrorist ring. He and Daly finally learn that Crawford is being held on deserted Alcatraz Island, and they attempt to free him. Daly is shot to death in a hail of machine gun fire. Eastwood manages to kill the culprits, free Crawford, and reject offers of rewards, remaining deadly stoic to the end. Improbable as are all the Dirty Harry films, THE ENFORCER is crammed with action and spilling over with violence. The photography is fine, but the gore is as repugnant as Daly's overacting. Her whining, forced delivery detract from her credibility as a romantic lead. She is hopelessly miscast. Eastwood just goes through the motions as usual, which is the best his myriad fans can expect. Dillman, as the oafish police superior, is wasted. This third in the Dirty Harry films, originally entitled DIRTY HARRY III, is slow-paced and basically dull, yet it culled $24 million at the box office. Sequel: SUDDEN IMPACT.