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The Cutter Reviews

Reviewed By: Jeremy Wheeler

Chuck Norris returns to the world of straight-to-video action with The Cutter, his first cheap brawler since becoming a kitschy cultural icon thanks to Conan O'Brien and a widespread viral Internet campaign in the mid-2000s. The movie itself is not surprisingly, a by-the-books affair that most viewers won't even bother with, nor should they. Those who do will have the pleasure of seeing Chuck fight another video action king, none other than Daniel Bernhardt of Future War and Matrix Reloaded underground fame. Sadly, the two never really dish it out that much, with Norris' 60-plus years obviously being some kind of factor. In fact, the bearded one hardly unleashes the fisticuffs on the bad guys in this one, as he opts instead to use a firearm in some of the most boring ways possible. Part of Chuck's charm has always been that he has none, but it's never more evident than here, where the man dishes out endless uncharismatic one-liners as if reading them off a cue card for the first time. Director William Tannen doesn't do much to help the aging star other than humorously speeding up the car chases and cutting them in a schizophrenic way that has been seen more and more since the advent of digital editing.