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The Cat from Outer Space Reviews

THE CAT FROM OUTER SPACE is a Disney film that offers a sort of ET-in-a-litter-box entertainment. Zunar J5/90 Doric 4-7, a cat more conveniently known as Jake, crash lands on earth and turns to a local physicist for aid. (The feline alien needs $120,000 in gold for repairs to his malfunctioning spacecraft.) It's soon clear that this cat has special powers--it can predict sports winners. The cat, however, is inadvertently put into a deep sleep by a bumbling vet, and soon the military is snooping around, misguidedly looking for spacemen. A fine Disney product scripted by cartoonist Key, who is also credited with GUS and THE $1,000,000 DUCK. Jake was played by two different Abyssinian cats--Rumpler and his sister, Amber.