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The Capitol Conspiracy Reviews

Duped by his superiors, CIA agent Jarrid Maddox (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) gets tagged, along with an attractive operative named Vicki (Alexander Keith), to retrieve five alleged members of a militant cult. But oddly, while hearing conflicting testimony from the quintet he's supposed to bring back alive (isn't it funny how Vicki keeps claiming she has to use lethal force to subdue these targets?), Jarrid experiences troubling flashbacks to his childhood. Eventually, Jarrid discovers that he and the five cult members, all child ESP prodigies, were kidnapped and forced to participate in the failed Sunstreak Project, which had been formed to locate POWS. To prevent the Fourth Estate from learning about the botched operation, CIA dragon lady Oakley (Barbara Steele) has ordered the deadly clean-up of Jarrid and his psychic peers. Judging from this film and PERFECT ASSASSINS, the CIA is conspiring to kill just about everyone these days. Of course, the obvious question of why the CIA feels media coverage of their failed kiddie-ESP project would be embarrassing enough to warrant murder goes unanswered. The whole mess would make for a five-minute segment, tops, on Inside Edition. At any rate, if you find the government-sanctioned brainwashing of grade-schoolers titillating, you're better off watching the enjoyably gimmicky TV series The Pretender."