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The Bible Reviews

It's difficult to screw up THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, but this $18 million overblown epic comes close. Nevertheless, it rates attention for the sheer audacity of such an undertaking. It's Huston's film all the way, as he directs, costars in (as Noah), and narrates this film, which concerns the first book of the Bible. All the usual Biblical stories are seen: Creation, Eve and the serpent, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and others. Huston used the screen the way Michelangelo used the Sistine Chapel ceiling, presenting a series of magnificent set pieces, all very logically scripted by Fry and a host of other often uncredited writers. But the film fails to make the emotional impact one might expect from material so powerful. The movie did not do as well as the producers had hoped (what movie does?) Scott was a bit young to play the patriarch Abraham and Parks was never convincing as Adam. Ulla Bergryd, who played Eve, dropped from sight shortly thereafter and was not seen in the movies again. Nominated by the Academy for Best Original Music Score.