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The Arrangement Reviews

Great cast is wasted by Kazan's overwrought direction in this adaptation of his own best-selling novel. Douglas plays an incredibly successful advertising executive with a beautiful wife, Kerr, and a lovely mistress, Dunaway. He is filled with self-loathing and sees life as a series of compromises and arrangements. One day he decides to end it all by driving his sports car into a truck. He survives the crash, but is still disturbed mentally. While in the hospital, his mistress has left him for another man, and his father, Boone, is terminally ill and waiting to die. Douglas' acts become more and more irrational as Kerr and Dunaway team up in an attempt to bring him back to reality. Overlong and basically lightweight, the picture never develops Douglas' character into a man the audience should care about. Kazan's heavy-handed direction, which includes frustratingly inept flashbacks and fantasy scenes, clouds any kind of real perceptions he may have had regarding his main character. A real shame.