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Swiss Family Robinson Reviews

Disney's version of the famous novel is a superior adventure following the exploits of the title family. Father and Mother Robinson (John Mills and Dorothy McGuire) and their three sons, Fritz, Francis, and Ernst (James MacArthur, Kevin Corcoran, and Tommy Kirk), flee Napoleon and look for someplace to live in the South Seas, but in the course of the search they are chased by pirates and their ship is pounded by an angry sea. After the ship's crew deserts the sinking vessel with only the family on board, the Robinsons crash along a rocky shore and emerge to find a tropical island Eden. Since the ship, which is only half-submerged, is filled with food and gear, they prepare to settle in. Numerous adventures follow in this exciting and humorous picture filled with classic Disney touches. It's a tongue-in-cheek movie that avoids the sappy sentiment of so many "family" films and concentrates on sheer entertainment instead. The scenery is lush and colorful; the film's success made Tobago a tourist haven for many years afterward.