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Sweet Hearts Dance Reviews

SWEET HEART'S DANCE follows the fortunes of two close buddies who live in a small town in Vermont: Wiley Boon (Don Johnson), who married his high-school sweetheart and has three kids; and Sam Manners (Jeff Daniels), who is single and the principal of their former high school and lives with his mother. Both are arrested adolescents and get along with each other better than they do with their families. Wiley walks out after a fight with his wife and moves into a trailer on the building site where he is working. Meanwhile, Daniels has fallen for a young grade school teacher (Elizabeth Perkins) and must divide his attention between her and his lifelong friends. Directed by Robert Greenwald, best known for the TV movie "The Burning Bed," SWEET HEART'S DANCE jerks along at a sluggish pace and never really takes off. Much of the key emotional action takes place offscreen, with the characters returning in the next scene to talk about what the viewer hasn't seen. Made watchable only by the efforts of its likable cast, SWEET HEART'S DANCE plays more like a rough outline for a film than a finished product.