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Subway Riders Reviews

Mostly boring underground detective film shot on 16mm in New York City has Lurie a homicidal sidewalk saxophonist who murders his listeners and then flees on the subway. Detective Coltrane investigates and encounters a variety of New Wave low-lifes. A few good supporting performances, particularly that of Tyrrell (one of the few professionals in the cast) as the heroin-addicted wife of Coltrane, and some clever lines can't overcome a basically tedious story filled with long, dreary monologs and self-conscious references to a pack of B movies. Lurie later appeared in STRANGER THAN PARADISE (1984) and Loud was the homosexual son son who came out of the closet in the milestone documentary "An American Family." The best thing here is definitely the score, composed by some of the leading figures in the avant garde music scene.