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Starship Troopers Reviews

Looking for a rip-roaring, heartlessly violent, no-holds-barred war movie? How about a full-throttle soap opera featuring yards of fresh, nubile flesh? Well, look no farther. The ever-unsubtle Paul Verhoeven returns to the satiric excesses of ROBOCOP, starting with those campy FED NET propaganda commercials that suck us right into the problem at hand: Humanity is threatened by a race of smart, vicious and practicably unstoppable mutant bugs from space. Right from the start, our hero is crisply Aryan (oh, sorry, Argentine) high school grad Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), who's head over heels over Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards). But she's smarter than he is and headed for the Fleet Academy, where she plans to become a starship pilot. Rich-boy Johnny's wounded manhood leads him to the Mobile Infantry, trailed by lovelorn Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer), who's willing to brave Sgt. Zim's (Clancy Brown) brutal training program for a shot at Johnny. Carmen throws Johnny over for flyboy Zander Barcalow (Patrick Muldoon) and the bugs annihilate Johnny's hometown, Buenos Aires, but you know what? Intricate plots aren't what draw people to movies about big space bugs. They go for the sheer exhilaration of hearing the volume cranked up and seeing absolutely amazing bugs getting their stinking innards blown all over the place, and this is a movie nasty enough to kill off the major characters twice and still manage to serve up a happy ending. Verhoeven is a master of giving audiences the unbridled, unexpurgated violence they crave while making fun of their dirty little secrets -- so you've been warned.