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Show Dogs Reviews

Show Dogs is a live-action movie featuring crime fighting, talking dogs. It’s family-friendly, so parents with bored little kids might trek into the theater to (hopefully) keep the tykes entertained for 90 minutes. But honestly, the only thing going for this is movie the dogs’ believably-animated snouts when they talk. It doesn’t make up for the silly plot though.   The story follows Max (Ludacris), a Rottweiler who works for the NYPD. After accidentally interfering with an FBI investigation, he gets reluctantly partnered up with an FBI agent named Frank (Will Arnett). Together, the pair go undercover at a glamorous dog fashion show to investigate animal smuggling and save a (very cute) baby panda.   Early in the movie, Frank exclaims with incredulity, “What are dogs doing in this meeting?” Unfortunately, a better question might be what Arnett and the other actors were doing in this movie. Most notably, the cast was assigned material that can only be described as poor—the humor is tepid and the crime story is formulaic. There are a few positive, kid-friendly messages in the movie but, they aren’t well developed enough to be more than lip service.   Viewers won’t be missing anything by passing on this movie.