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Shock Treatment Reviews

Six years after the release THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, its producers were amazed to discover the high-camp, low-grade film had become a cult sensation on the midnight film circuit. Such popularity could only mean the inevitable sequel, but this piece of junk is a witless, uninspired stepchild. The naive young couple who stumbled on a night of musical debauchery in the original (Harper and DeYoung, this time around) are back again and married. Here they are contestants on "Marriage Maze," a game show in a small town where television dominates everyone's life. As part of the proceedings, Brad is taken away to receive "treatment," while the show's sponsor (also played by DeYoung) makes Janet a star as part of his attempt to have his way with her. ROCKY HORROR vets O'Brien (who cowrote the screenplay with director Sharman, as he did on the original), Quinn, Gray, and Campbell are all on hand, but it really doesn't matter much. SHOCK TREATMENT is no more than a cheap attempt to cash in on the ROCKY HORROR craze. Nevertheless, Harper (STARDUST MEMORIES; MY FAVORITE YEAR), a vastly underrated actress, clearly exhibits more talent than this film deserves, its only real standout. Rather than maintain the level of crude, campy fun in the original, SHOCK TREATMENT deteriorates into lame, humorless nonsense that bores rather than amuses.