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Secret Admirer Reviews

This cross between theatrical farce and teen sex comedy is a moronic package that liberally insults the intelligence of both its viewing audience and the hapless adult actors locked into career low points. The story opens with Toni (Lori Loughlin), a pretty but shy high school girl, dropping a secret love note into Michael's (C. Thomas Howell) locker. Michael is already close to her but in a platonic way. He's got his eyes on Debora (Kelly Preston), an alluring blond who strictly dates college guys. In a variety of mixups that could only happen through the feebleminded logic fobbed off by this film, more love letters result in the coupling of Michael and Debora, while their parents become convinced that the notes are indications of affairs between their own partners. Dee Wallace Stone and Fred Ward lead the waste of adult talent, wallowing in poorly written roles that show no mercy to anyone over age 30. Surprisingly, Howell and Loughlin rise above the fracas with likable performances. They are the lone redeeming qualities in a project rife with repulsive attitudes and characters.