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San Francisco Docks Reviews

On the docks of San Francisco's waterfront Meredith is a longshoreman who's studying to be an aviation mechanic. He's in love with Hervey, the barmaid at a saloon owned by her father (Walburn). Meredith gets into a fight with Downing, who later turns up dead. Though the real murderer is Alcatraz escapee Pawley, Meredith is believed guilty and arrested for the crime. Only three men can prove he wasn't the killer and they are of no help since the trio comprises Pawley and the two longshoremen who aided his escape (Cording and Zelaya). Hervey, along with priest Armstrong, drunk Fitzgerald (who would win an Oscar in a few years with GOING MY WAY), and Walburn, tries to prove Meredith's innocence. They find Pawley's wife Ralston, the bleachiest of blondes, and after a terrific cat fight between Hervey and Ralston, Pawley gets what's coming to him in a wrestling match with the priest. This film is plagued by a talky script and mediocre direction that never lets the characters develop as well as they might. Certainly the cast has the talent for a good drama (this was Meredith's follow-up to his terrific performance in OF MICE AND MEN), but unfortunately the actors never get to show their abilities. As it is, SAN FRANCISCO DOCKS is just another tough-talking, forgettable B programmer that never lives up to its potential.