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Saga of the Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Reviews

One of the strangest films to emerge from the fertile imagination of Roger Corman, THE SAGA OF THE VIKING WOMEN AND THEIR VOYAGE TO THE WATERS OF THE GREAT SEA SERPENT details the story of a band of Nordic women concerned over the prolonged absence of their menfolk. They set out in a longboat to look for them, but soon the boat is destroyed by a whirlpool and all but four of the women are drowned. The survivors make their way to an island where they are captured by a tribe of moron warriors. These slobbering spearmen, the Grimaults, place the women in a quarry along with the long-missing Viking men, and when a storm comes up they all escape and steal a boat. The Grimaults take off after them in another boat, but they encounter the whirlpool and a sea serpent which lunches on the pursuing villains. One of the Viking men slays the big lizard and they all reach their home safely. Made on a 10-day schedule for $110,000, the film was plagued by difficulties. On the first day of shooting the leading lady called in sick, so Corman took the second lead, Dalton, and promoted her to lead the Viking woman, then bumped each of the other Viking women up a notch and added an extra at the bottom. When the film was finished Corman still didn't have a title for it. Stuck for a concise title, he decided to go completely the other way and give it the longest title he could come up with. It was later shortened when it was found it wouldn't fit on theater marquees.