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Rhinestone Reviews

Potent box-office stars Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton proved to be a less-than-lovable team in this a dumb musical comedy. While performing in New York, Jake (Parton) bets her loudmouth manager (Ron Liebman) that she can turn anyone into a country singer in two weeks. Taking the first person she meets, Nick (Stallone), a tough-talking Manhattan cabbie, back to Tennessee with her in the hopes that the down-home atmosphere will rub off, Jake gets down to business. However, when Nick first opens his mouth to sing, farm animals flee in terror. Nick also incurs the wrath of Jake's ex-beau, Barnett (Tim Thomerson), and the beer-drinking sequence involving them provides the few laughs that this "comedy" has to offer. In the end, Nick and Jake return to the Big Apple, where he has to gain the approval of a tough audience if Jake is to win her bet. Whereas the badly miscast Stallone never gets a handle on the material (albeit there isn't much to get a hold of), Parton manages to rise above the script and is appealing. The multiple costume changes that she and Stallone make, however, are no substitute for laughs.