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Revenge of the Nerds Reviews

This funny movie is about 10 rungs above the usual teenage-college films. Lewis (Robert Carradine) and Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) are the essential nerds, in that Gilbert is a shy computer genius and Lewis is a boy with an annoying laugh and a huge overbite. When they arrive at Adams College and try to join fraternities, they are turned aside as they are so nerdy. In desperation, they join with other nerds to start their own branch of Lambda Lambda Lambda, an all-black fraternity that is functioning on other campuses. All the while, they are being closely watched by the jock contingent led by Stan (Ted McGinley), who is also the chairman of the Greek council. The jocks begin to make life miserable for the nerds, but revenge is on its way. This picture is hipper than NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE; PORKY'S; and all of the other teenage films lumped together. It's engaging, hysterically funny at times, wildly satiric, and has fewer lapses of good taste than most.