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Raw Deal Reviews

Arnold Schwarzenegger's summer action film probably contains the highest body count of any 1986 film, but unfortunately RAW DEAL doesn't measure up to the strapping star's previous work. The story opens at a secluded cabin where the FBI is protecting a man scheduled to testify against crime boss Patrovita (Sam Wanamaker). The mobster brings in his top hitmen, who annihilate everyone inside the hideout. Among the dead is the son of FBI agent Shannon (Darren McGavin), who now wants revenge. To this end, Shannon looks up Kaminski (Schwarzenegger), a former FBI man himself, who had been forced into retirement because of his penchant for violence. What's lacking amidst the tough-guy posturings and flying bullets is Schwarzenegger's usual tongue-in-cheek humor. The plot is understandably short on subtleties, and a few well-placed laughs would have been a welcome relief from the violent proceedings. There is some unintentional comedy that comes with the huge gaps in plot logic. John Irvin's direction is rudimentary for an action film and adds little excitement to the proceedings. There's not much suspense, with good guys and bad guys clearly drawn, and the final shootout is all too routine.