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Public Enemy's Wife Reviews

This nice B film features Lindsay as a woman wrongly convicted of a crime. She spends three years in prison before finally being released. Romero is her husband, a jewel thief and prison "lifer." He's insanely jealous of Lindsay and threatens to kill any man with whom she might dally. Lindsay ignores his threat and proceeds to get involved with Foran, a millionaire of weak character. Romero breaks out of prison, and it's only a matter of time before he discovers what his ex-wife has been up to. Will he carry out his promise? The climactic chase reveals all. O'Brien, as a G-Man who ultimately ends up with Lindsay, underplays his nicely fleshed out character to great effect. Romero works well as the psychotic criminal, with Lindsay filling out the leads with her own nifty performance. Only Foran is a dud, coming off even weaker than his character. The script is a dandy, full of little moments that build to the climactic ending. Direction moves the story at a fine pace, wringing out every moment for what it's worth. All in all this was better than most films of its ilk. The studio tried to pass this off as a sequel to the successful PUBLIC ENEMY; it was remade as BULLETS FOR O'HARA in 1942.