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Paris Express Reviews

Rains plays Kees Popinga, a simple Dutch clerk who has long been faithful to his boss (Lom). He has spent a lifetime watching trains go off to places like Paris and Brussels--places a man of his means could never afford to go. Upon discovering that his boss has been cheating the company to finance a French mistress (Toren), Kees gets into a fight with his boss and accidentally kills him. He flees to Paris with the company's money and becomes involved with the French woman who plays along in order to get her hands on the loot. With the woman in tow, Kees plays a cat-and- mouse game with the police through the streets of Paris. Loosely adapted from a 1938 novel by popular French mystery writer Georges Simenon (creator of Inspector Maigret), PARIS EXPRESS boasts good performances from Rains, Toren, and Lom, but is hampered by the static direction of Harold French.