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Paranoid Reviews

For successful fashion model Chloe (Jessica Alba), being beautiful is nothing but a burden. Not only is her boyfriend Toby (Oliver Milburn) unnaturally possessive, her middle-aged neighbor Clive (Kevin Whatley) has started spying on her. Weary of her existence as a pop icon, Chloe decides to spend the weekend with photographer Ned (Gary Love) at the home of poet-musician cum pervert Stan (Iain Glen). Unbeknownst to her, Ned habitually procures girls for Stan's AC/DC sex-slave escapades and in short order she winds up drugged and chained to a bed in the basement. Receiving zero sympathy from Stan's jaded wife Rachel (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and voyeuristic brother Gordon (Ewan Bremner), Chloe finally manages to use her cell phone, but only succeeds in reaching Clive, the not-so-friendly peeping tom! Will Stan and Rachel's deaf-mute daughter will tip off the police? Or will Stan decide that Chloe knows too much about his S&M proclivities? This listless thriller forces viewers to experience the POV of its scowling yet soulful heroine, but the only thing they're likely to care about is sweet release from her jaundiced perspective. Bogus and boring, it aspires to art-house significance by ostensibly addressing cultural malaise and the futility of seeking meaning from the glossy pages of magazines, but L'AVENTURA or LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD it ain't. Those sixties classics explored post-war ennui and the meaninglessness of privilege, whereas this pseudo-hip enterprise merely underscores the filmmaker's privilege in having made a film that lacks any real meaning whatsoever.