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No Man's Land Reviews

Benjy Taylor (D.B. Sweeney) is new to the sheriff's department in Los Angeles. His background is working class, but he has a passion for Porsches. Lt. Bracey (Randy Quaid) needs someone to go undercover at a Porsche dealership where another cop was murdered while trying to get the lowdown on a stolen car ring, and Taylor fits the bill. Bracey is convinced that Ted Varrick (Charlie Sheen), the flashy rich-kid owner of the dealership, is the murderer. Taylor and Varrick become fast friends, and Varrick introduces Taylor to the "lives of the rich and aimless." Varrick is not only behind the stolen car ring, he is also its most prolific thief and soon trains Taylor, too. However, the police aren't the only ones with Varrick's number; a rival gang of car thieves is no less unhappy about Varrick's success. Meanwhile, Bracey is beginning to worry that Taylor is going "native," having a little too good a time in the fast lane. Sweeney's seduction by the good life and the friendship that develops between these two young men from opposite sides of the tracks and on opposite sides of the law has the makings of an intriguing story. However, director Peter Werner and scripter Dick Wolf treat their story conventionally, and there are few surprises. NO MAN'S LAND's saving grace are the performances by Sheen and Sweeney.