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No Down Payment Reviews

A multicharacter story that was bought by Fox to showcase eight of their contract players, NO DOWN PAYMENT is a social drama about the exodus to the suburbs and families' inability to pay for the homes beyond each monthly mortgage check. It takes place in a housing development known as "Sunrise Hills," a typical suburban tract where all the homes look alike but the people are vastly different. Hunter is an electrical engineer married to Owens. She's raped by drunken Mitchell, who is later killed by Hunter. Randall is a fast-talking used-car salesman with big plans that are constantly dashed by fate. He takes to drink and that causes his wife, North, to think about divorce. Mitchell is a decorated war veteran who cannot find himself in the postwar era and now works as a gas-station manager. He wants to be the subdivision's police chief. His wife, Woodward, desires nothing in life but to have babies. Hingle, the only solid citizen among them, runs a hardware store and wants to find a way for his assistant, Aleong, to live in the area. The fact that Aleong is a Japanese-American sticks in the craw of Hingle's wife, Rush, who would restrict the neighborhood to Caucasians. The stories are told side by side, in much the same way as a soap opera on television, with occasional forays into one another's territory. Focusing more on any one of the stories might have made sense because the film as it stands is diffuse and fragmented. Aleong was a nightclub performer who had some success with Calypso recordings while pursuing an acting career. This was Ritt's second film after EDGE OF THE CITY; he had earlier had a career as a director of live TV programs, as well as many acting roles.