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Two generations of Sheens star in this cops-and-drug-dealers adventure, in which a father and son must unseat a heroin lord while being undermined by a federal agency. Guilt-ridden after losing his partner in a shoot-out, Jake Peterson (Charlie Sheen) gamely accepts a demotion to evidentiary duties. Jake's dad, Chief Joe Peterson (Martin Sheen), is about to retire but refuses to sit idly by when a million dollar dope shipment heads toward his jurisdiction. Although DEA official Bagwell (Paul Gleason) is feeding him tips, Joe has his suspicions about Bagwell's wait-and-see attitude. Bagwell's surveillance of the drug delivery is compromised when Jake unexpectedly intervenes and confiscates the drug van. Bagwell's illicit boss, phony philanthropist DiSanto (Ron Masak), wants to steal back the stash and has his goons kidnap Jake's wife in hopes of using her as leverage to force Jake to help him distribute the dope. Can Jake rescue his wife and retain his integrity? Seeing Martin and Charlie Sheen playing father and son onscreen gives this assembly line thriller — which tosses in Martin's brother, B-movie regular Joe Estevez, for good measure — a boost. But there's only so much they can do given the cliched screenplay, written by William Gucwa, Edward Masterson, Shane Stanley, former Poison front man Bret Michaels and Charlie Sheen himself; Michaels also directed. Crime movie buffs who enjoy fast-food action films might want to wolf down this forgettable item between more substantial pictures.