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Nick and Jane Reviews

A scruffy little romantic comedy about a taxi driver and a snooty financial analyst whose only-in-New-York affair follows the tried and true course. Frosty, ambitious Jane (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) sees her perfect life crumble in an instant when she catches her upwardly mobile boyfriend making some horizontal career moves with an office rival. Nick (James McCaffrey) is the cabbie who picks her up after the emotional blowout, and whom she later hires to play her new boyfriend, making him over into a fair approximation of a shark in a power suit. Do they fall in love for real? Hey, can you tell an out-of-towner by the way he orders a bagel with a schmear? First-time writer/director Richard Mauro trolls the Manhattan scene for local color and nets every stereotype in the book: the bitchy millionaire (David Johansen), the artist driving a taxi, the sweetly flamboyant drag queen (Clinton Leupp), the cross-cultural rapper with a foot-fetish (Gedde Watanabe), the businessman with a secret S&M life, the gum-cracking receptionist. If this were a sitcom, they'd love it in Des Moines. It's Mauro's bad luck that his plot echoes that of this year's much bigger-budget PICTURE PERFECT, but this toothless comedy could make a nice calling card if he's looking for a career in TV comedy.