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National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Reunion Reviews

Veteran comedy writer/director Neal Israel's tasteless turkey of a made-for-TV Thanksgiving picture, originally broadcast on TBS, is an unpleasant feast of scatological humor and DUMB AND DUMBER shtick. Beverly Hills anesthesiologist Mitch Snyder (Judge Reinhold) wishes his pampered wife, Jill (Hallie Todd), would just once prepare a traditional holiday meal for him and their children, hypochondriac son Danny (Calum Worthy) and their spoiled teenaged daughter, Allison (Meghan Ory). Then, out of the blue, an invitation to an old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner arrives from Mitch’s long-lost cousin, Woodrow Snider (Bryan Cranston). In the name of family togetherness, Mitch packs up his family and Their flatulent neighbor, "Uncle" Phil (Antony Holland), and drives them to a reunion in Pinckney, Idaho. Woodrow is an appliance repairman, married to dippy-hippy Pauline (Penelope Ann Miller) and obsessed with developing silly inventions like the home dental care helmet. Having squandered the family savings on his projects, Woodrow hopes to hit up Mitch for a financial bail-out. Meanwhile, his son, Harley (Reece Thompson), toughens up sickly Danny. Woodrow’s daughter, Twig (Britt Irvin), shares a mutual love of fashion with Allison, and Pauline offers Jill invaluable advice on her love life. Despite the family bonding that's been going on all around him, Woodrow tells Mitch he needs him to donate a kidney; then, having softened Mitch up, admits that he only needs a loan. As Mitch tries to find it in his heart to forgive his scheming cousin, Woodrow rescues Allison and a local delinquent from a car crash, salvaging his tarnished reputation. This offensive film is not the way to end a Thanksgiving dinner, and smart-ass writers Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren add insult to injury by stuffing it with gooey, family-film uplift.