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My Bloody Valentine Reviews

MY BLOODY VALENTINE is another FRIDAY THE 13TH clone, but at least this time the setting is a little different. The action takes place in a mining town called Valentine Bluffs, where an annual Valentine's Day dance is held. This year, however, a killer dressed in coal miner's garb sinks his pickax into the chests of local teens. The hearts of his victims get delivered to the police, wrapped up in candy boxes. Everyone assumes that the killer is a miner who was trapped in a cave-in some 20 years before. Having gone mad before his rescue, the miner killed the two men he blamed for the disaster and then disappeared. Although the producers attempted to make this typically gory (Burman, Diaz, and Hoerber did the effects), they were forced to cut some of the most realistic mutilation footage to avoid an X rating. Although the body count averages one murder every 7 1/2 minutes--which will undoubtedly please the gorehounds it was intended for--this film is slightly better than most slice-and-dice efforts and contains several genuine surprises.