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Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry Reviews

James Prideaux’s script construction is a bit rickety, but director George Schaefer shepherds his supporting cast through a production designed to showcase Katharine Hepburn. This TV film should satisfy her fans’ craving for one more look at their favorite star. After a brush with death, widowed New England matriarch Margaret Delafield (Hepburn) leaves Memorial Hospital and resumes her life in a restricted suburban area with renewed vigor. If Mrs. Delafield’s liberalism had rankled her snooty neighbors and spoiled children before her health crisis, then her latest project is going to throw them into a tizzy. Her stuffy friends George (Denholm Elliott) and Gladys Parker (Brenda Forbes) expect Mrs. Delafield to be the perpetual keeper of her late husband’s flame, but Mrs. Delafield is tired of being a widowed relic and feels more than mere gratitude towards heart specialist Dr. Marvin Elias (Harold Gould), who's given her a second chance at life. The odd couple falls into a courtship, but while the Delafield clan might be okay with eating dinner with a Jewish healer, welcoming him into their blueblood family is another matter. Nor does Mrs. Delafield prove a popular candidate for stepmother with Dr. Elias’s grown children. Love may be lovelier the second time around, but it can’t blossom in a thorny garden of class distinctions and religious prejudice. Their families’ objections are insurmountable, and the couple's happiness doesn't even enter into their calculations: Should Dr. Elias and Mrs Delafield throw in the towel, or throw caution to the wind? Bolstered by a supporting cast of stalwart troupers, Hepburn doesn’t so much hog the spotlight as insinuate herself into it. Silken smoothies Gould and Elliott also make a strong impression, even as Kate the Great showboats with her patented pluck.