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Messenger of Death Reviews

Bronson--who doesn't even carry a gun in this picture--stars as a reporter for the Denver Tribune who covers a story involving the murder of the three wives and six children of an expelled Mormon farmer. It seems the farmer, and now Bronson, are caught in the crossfire of a religious war involving two extremist factions of the Mormon religion. Instead of becoming a DEATH WISH-style vigilante, Bronson serves as a peaceful go-between who, nonetheless, gets involved in some car chases, explosions, and fist-fights. One of eight joint efforts by Bronson and director J. Lee Thompson (their previous efforts included ST. IVES, 10 TO MIDNIGHT, and DEATH WISH 4), is pretty much standard fare for the duo, but the film was crippled by weak distribution on the part of the struggling Cannon releasing company and got only a very limited theatrical release.