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Meet the Deedles Reviews

Dumb is one thing, but this sorry attempt at action-comedy from stuntman turned director Steve Boyum is in an intelligence-deprived class all its own. Phil and Stew Deedle (Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer) are twin surfers from Waikiki who, through a tedious series of misadventures, wind up impersonating rookie rangers at Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. They're not only expected to undergo the rigorous ranger training program, but head ranger Capt. Douglas Pine (John Ashton) also mistakes the bros for rodent control experts who've come to take care of a mysterious infestation of prairie dogs that turns out to be the work of disgruntled ex-ranger Frank Slater (Dennis Hopper). The plot is really an encumbrance to the movie's raison d'etre, a string of semi-extreme sports demonstrations -- rock climbing, power sailing, skateboarding, surfing -- punctuated by cheap rear-projection shots of our intrepid heroes high-fiving each other while shouting such Deedle-isms as "Frosticular!" and "Nutrageous!" Who's the intended audience for this nonsense? That's anyone's guess: It's too extreme for kids -- sex jokes galore, plus some nasty violence courtesy of Hopper and his thugs -- but not nearly extreme enough for adults or sports enthusiasts. The prairie dogs are awfully cute and there's some nice Yellowstone scenery -- it's hard to screw up Yellowstone -- but the sum total of it all is about half the fun of your average Ernest movie. Your call, dude.