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Malcolm Reviews

A small and appealing film that crams tons of sheer delight into its 90 minutes, MALCOLM stars Colin Friels as the title character, a withdrawn man of about 30 who lives alone in the small house that his late mother left him. A mechanical genius, Malcolm has filled his house with electronic gadgets. A local shopkeeper (Beverly Phillips) keeps a maternal eye on Malcolm and suggests that he take in a boarder to help support himself. Enter Frank (John Hargreaves), a mean-looking ex-con looking for a place to lie low while planning some upcoming heists. He brings with him his faithful moll, Judith (Lindy Davies). The two are amazed at Malcolm's mechanical know-how, and he becomes interested in their less-than-discreet romancing. Not only is MALCOLM an engaging comedy, it is also a warm and personal appeal for socially isolated people like Malcolm. Friels is exceptional in the lead. Relying on facial expressions and using a minimum of dialog, he is able to gain audience sympathy while at the same time creating an oddly heroic character. Hargreaves is equally captivating. As important to the film's success as the acting is the gadgetry Malcolm creates, which becomes as fascinating to the audience as it is to the characters.