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Maid to Order Reviews

A modern fairy tale with some funny twists, MAID TO ORDER is the story of Jessie Montgomery (Ally Sheedy), a spoiled rich girl. Her father (Tom Skerritt), a millionaire philanthropist, is sick and tired of his daughter's excesses, but he can't find it in his heart to deny her. Jessie finally goes one step too far and is thrown into jail for reckless driving with cocaine in her purse. Her father murmurs a black wish that she had never been born; fairy godmother Stella (Beverly D'Angelo) waves her wand; and suddenly Jessie is without family, friends, money, or identity. The downcast Jessie finally lands a job as a maid for selfish Stan (Dick Shawn) and Georgette Starkey (Valerie Perrine). The lightweight fare is not offensive in MAID TO ORDER, but neither is it absorbing, the script and direction meandering along with Sheedy as she awkwardly attempts to adjust to her new lifestyle. Although the Perrine-Shawn stereotypes of nouveau riche no-tasters are at first funny, their roles are predictable and interest in them dissipates halfway through the film. The sexy, vampy D'Angelo is really a standout here but limited in her scenes at playing the strange fairy godmother. All in all, a pleasant comedy with no pomp and little romp.