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Madmen of Mandoras Reviews

One of the all-time worst. THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN has a mighty cult reputation, but the film is so slow, convoluted, and so badly acted that it is nearly unwatchable, even with the unintentional comedy value. (The best moments all involve Der Fuhrer's severed noggin, which is only on-screen briefly.) The movie--created by combining footage from a 1950s espionage melodrama with some that appears to have been shot somewhere in the Philippines--details Caire's search for her neurobiologist father who (with her sister) has disappeared. Caire and her husband, Stocker, fly to Mandoras to search for her family, and it is only a matter of time until the seekers find a bunch of Nazis (formerly of the Third Reich high command) taking orders from Hitler's severed head, which is connected to a mechanical box. The evil gang plans to take over the world once again by using the deadly "Nerve Gas G." From here on the film is one big mess of plot and counterplot involving mistaken identity, assassination, uprisings, and blackmail, until the Nazis (and Hitler`s head) are destroyed. The only scene worth suffering through is the flashback, in which we are "treated" to the surgical severing of Der Fuhrer's head from his body.