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Love Story Reviews

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" was the catch phrase that helped make this a huge grosser, but we're sorry anyone ever fell in love with this script. LOVE STORY is actually better than Segal's previously released best-seller (written from his screenplay in order to promote the film). But then that's not saying much. Wistful Oliver (O'Neal) is at Harvard (of course) in his final pre-law year, when he meets and falls for tragic Jenny (MacGraw), a music student at Radcliffe (where else?). She's a rude mite from a lower-class family, and he is one of the Boston Brahmins. You can guess the rest. O'Neal and MacGraw go together like applesauce spread on sandpaper, and the rest of the cast (except John Marley) comes across as a series of caricatures. Milland, in particular, as Oliver's snotty father, acts like a billiard ball in a business suit. By the time O'Neal gets around to intoning the famous tag line, you'll be so sick of hearing Francis Lai's love theme that you'll want to strangle the projectionist. Too bad MacGraw's already bitten the dust. Paging DARK VICTORY.