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Leprechaun in the Hood Reviews

Rap star wannabes Postmaster P (A.T. Montgomery), Stray Bullet (Rashaan Nall) and Butch (Red Grant) can't seem to make the right music industry connections. After being dissed by mogul Mack Daddy (Ice-T), the trio robs him to finance their participation in a hip hop competition in Vegas. What the Boyz don't realize is that Mack Daddy has accrued his wealth by ripping off a Leprechaun (Warwick Davis). During their break-in, the trio steal loot and a magic flute but inadvertently remove the necklace that immobilizes the Leprechaun. While the neo-gangsta rappers lay low, the irate Leprechaun slays everyone whom Postmaster P, Butch and Stray Bullet have paid with Leprechaun monies! Seeking asylum in a church, the budding performers manage to fend off Mack Daddy and to lock the Leprechaun in a safe. When he gets out, the little man is hungry for revenge; for starters, he takes possession of his treasures, sends a zombie fly-girl to kill the rappers' minister, and forces Stray Bullet to kill himself. With its clever conceit of a doggerel-spouting leprechaun as the first rap artist, this guilty pleasure gives new meaning to the term "Black Irish." While scaring new life into the pot of gold franchise, the screenplay incorporates a message about the zombie-dom of unearned success, but scores its thematic points without stinting on the expected gore and puns. What grounds this entertaining schlock, however, is the characters' utter acceptance of supernatural events; the Leprechaun (and as embodied by Warwick Davis, he's the scariest — and smallest — pop culture icon since Gary Colman) frightens but doesn't surprise them.