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Legend of the Bayou Reviews

This was Hooper's first film following his masterpiece, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974); but because of haphazard distribution and several title changes, it never really found an audience. Setting his story in Louisiana, Hooper introduces us to a new maniac, Brand, the sexually repressed proprietor of the Starlight Hotel. Brand sports a wooden leg and likes to vent his frustrations by killing his guests with a huge scythe and then feeding them to his alligator. The film's definite sick highlight occurs when an unbearably cute puppy owned by a little girl is swallowed by Judd's alligator. Although EATEN ALIVE is not so unusual or terrifying as TEXAS CHAINSAW, Hooper does a fine job of building up the Southern-gothic atmosphere and continues his brilliant use of sound to enhance the sense of unease and suspense. Brand is wonderful as the muttering, psychotic hotel owner, Burns from TEXAS CHAINSAW returns for more, Finley plays a dominated family man who may be as crazy as Brand, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET fans will note that Robert Englund--aka "Freddy"--also makes an appearance.