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Land of Doom Reviews

The worst sin that an action-adventure film--especially a science fiction action-adventure--can commit is to be boring, and that's what's wrong with this tedious story of life after the big bomb. Rennard and Dowhen team up to find the city over the mountains where everyone is nice, aiming to leave behind them the wasteland where the few communities are regularly pillaged by motorcycle-riding raiders commanded by Radell with a leather mask over most of his face. The two are eventually captured by Demister's men, however. Mostly inspired by MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR, this film has none of the manic energy of its predecessors. Dowhen and Rennard are unsympathetic leads, and no background on the two is ever given. Plot development is nil, so the viewer is left with plenty of time to consider some of the details of life in the postapocalyptic world (such as who makes all this elaborate leather gear?). The most nagging question is Why am I still watching the stupid movie?