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Lady in Question Reviews

Bourgeois Parisian shop-owner Aherne is on a jury for a trial in which Hayworth is the defendant. He sees to it that she is convicted, but later finds her work in his store. Her spotted past is kept under cover until Aherne's son Ford falls in love with her. The secret is revealed and the couple elope, though everything ends on a bright and cheerful note. This marked the first time Ford and Hayworth appeared together. They would go on to become one of Hollywood's great screen couples, appearing in such films as the film-noir classic GILDA and THE LOVES OF CARMEN, both helmed by Charles Vidor. The picture's original title, IT HAPPENED IN PARIS, was dropped to prevent patrons from thinking it a war film--the French capital being occupied by the Nazis at that time. Aherne proved his versatility as an actor once again, taking on the second role as a father that he played that year, the other being in MY SON, MY SON. Besides Hayworth and Ford, another young actor appeared in THE LADY IN QUESTION who would go on to stardom, Evelyn Keyes. Based on the film HEART OF PARIS by Marc Allegret.