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Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure Reviews

Fenced in by rules and regulations, Scamp bristles at the thought of being a house-trained all his life. Unlike his papa, Tramp, who was domesticated through his love of Lady, impetuous Scamp doesn't want to follow in the predictable paw-prints of his folks. After being exiled to the doghouse for rambunctious behavior, Scamp breaks free of his chains and turns his back on his family. Roaming alleys, Scamp makes the acquaintance of Buster and his junkyard gang, including smitten Angel, who shows the novice the ropes. Extolling the praises of the outdoor life, Buster tests Scamp's mettle. After surviving an encounter with a ferocious bulldog, Scamp discovers that his stick-in-the-mud dad Tramp once ruled the rebel dogs. More confused than ever, Scamp has trouble reconciling his drive for freedom with his affection for his family. Eventually, Scamp comes to rue the error of his ways and heads home, but a vindictive Buster makes sure the dogcatcher nabs him first. Although Angel delivers an SOS, it may be too late for Tramp to reach the pound in time to save Scamp from his bulldog nemesis. Although lacking the visual brilliance of its beloved predecessor, this frisky cartoon feature is a welcome sequel to that puppy love classic. Sparkling with comical mishaps and above-average tunes, it wisely allows its lessons about parental influence and the pain of leaving home to take a back seat to the merriment. On the downside, some memorable characters from the original, namely the Siamese Cats, don't make enough of an impression here.