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Key Exchange Reviews

This entire insipid picture revolves around the importance placed on a man and a woman exchanging the keys to their apartments. The attempt here seems to be to create a profound reflection on love and commitment, but the whole thing comes off as a cliched embarrassment that doesn't show even a pittance of insight. All of the film's characters are apparently representations of big-city professionals. Brooke Adams is a television producer, Ben Masters is a squeaky-clean writer of detective novels, and Daniel Stern is one of those young lawyers who wears a three-piece suit and rides a bike to work. Adams and Masters are involved in an "open relationship," sharing separate apartments to remind themselves that they retain their freedom. Stern, a friend of Masters, begins to spend more time with the couple when his wife leaves him after just a couple of weeks of marriage. Stern and Masters hit the singles bars, while Adams grows increasingly impatient with Masters' inability to commit. One explanation for KEY EXCHANGE's sappiness may be found in director Barnet Kellman's background as the director of nearly 500 episodes of TV soaps.